Pawpaw Seed, Uses, Cures Ulcer, Fertility, Cancer… How to prepare

Pawpaw Seed, Uses, Cures Ulcer, Fertility, Cancer, etc… on this post I would list out the different types of diseases pawpaw seeds can cure/prevent and other uses of this great fruit.

Pawpaw Seed also is known as Papaya has been already known around the world, as one of the best fruit with a lot of nutrition inside. Even though not so many people like this kind of fruit, but behind its popularity, papaya surprisingly carries many health benefits. Many of us know that its flesh has a bunch of nutrition, but you have to know that papaya seeds also bring so much health benefits to us. While most of the people just putting papaya seeds aside or even throw it away and just eat the flesh, but actually, papaya seeds are edible and if you only eat a small portion of papaya seeds, it will bring health benefit for your body. Papaya seeds are amazingly beneficial for our body, but many people do not know the health benefits of papaya seeds, and some of them just throughout this seed to become an unuseful item.

 Pawpaw Seed, Uses, Cures Ulcer, Fertility, Cancer, etc... on this post I would list out the different types of diseases pawpaw seeds can cure/prevent

List of Ailments Treated By Papaya Seed.

  1. It helps with Typhoid Fever
  2. It helps with Liver Disease
  3. It helps with Stomach Ulcer
  4. Protect the Digestive System & Improve Intestinal Health.
  5. It helps Your Digestive System
  6. It Will Help in Your Body Detox.
  7. It Rejuvenates your skin. Papaya Seed Regenerate Dead Skin Cells Hence Maintain The Beauty of The Skin.
  8. Make Your Bones Stronger.
  9. Prevent Aging.
  10. Helps with Eye Disorder
  11. Increase Appetite for Food
  12. Fertility. Papaya Seed Increase Sperm Production for a Man and Help Fertility of The Eggs for Women.
  13. Prevent Kidney Disease.
  14. Minimize Menstrual Pain for Women
  15. Minimize The Risk of Cancer.
  16. Rid Your Body off Parasites.

How To Use Pawpaw Seed In Treatment (Papaya Seed)?


Pawpaw Seeds (Dried)
Lime/Lemon Juice


Grind (Dried) Papaya Seeds in a blender or mortar and Pestle

Mix with fresh lime Juice or Lemon Juice.

The more Dried Papaya seeds is the more you put lime/🍋 Lemon juice


Drink this Papaya Seed twice a day for 30 Days.

I cup in the morning before you eat

I cup in the night in bed time

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